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Month: June 2018

I may have spoken too soon . . .

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2018 13:25:08 -0400
Last night we had one of our twice- or three-times-weekly electrical blackouts and, while the gadgets are all on uninterruptible power supplies I shut them down before the juice was gone from the backups. When this morning I rebooted the GPD Pocket, it went to the TDM login screen, where the spaces for entering username and password were small but the fonts for typing them in were huge. Nevertheless, I was able to log in and, instead of the pristine TDE desktop I'd enjoyed at shutdown, I had one where Kicker and so on were the size I had set, but again the fonts -- in the calendar, in names below icons, and in menus, were enormous.

My sense is that something upstream of TDM is doing this. The Ubuntu install defaults to Unity and lightdm. When I installed the two big TDE packages I set TDM as the default. But of course I'd had to run Unity in order to install TDE.

My first thought is to purge Unity and lightdm, but it might be that this won't solve the problem, and that someone here who is familiar with the macinations of X and such might have a sense of where there's a configuration file that is causing this to happen.

Anybody know?



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