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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Display Density Issues (was: I may have spoken...)

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2018 18:17:40 -0400
dep composed on 2018-06-28 16:48 (UTC-0400):

> It's nice to know how people install and obscure commands they run when
> installing and such; it would also be nice if that thread were to spin off on
> its own and i might be allowed to keep this one on its original subject.

> i was able to kind of force some things by finding my way to trinity control
> center and setting it to 120dpi (and, in another test, 96dpi), which has made
> everything very tiny indeed.

> i ran xdpyinfo | -B2 resolution and got surprising results:

'tdecmshell xserver' and TDE Control Center > peripherals > information >
xserver use xdpyinfo for their reports. Not every app obeys the density that
xdpyinfo reports. Xft.dpi is often why.

> dimensions: 1920x1200 pixels (96x60 millimeters) resolution: 508x508 dots per
> inch

> the screen is 6 inches across and nearly 4 inches tall, and the resolution
> ought to be 323 dpi or thereabouts.

> oddly, even after forcing the font resolution to 120 dpi, the login screen is
> of peculiar and disordered, mostly large, font size, with small fields for
> username and password -- looks pretty weird. i have made photographs of the
> login screen and the tde desktop, showing the extreme tininess of the kmenu,
> though icons and kicker are of the correct size. windows and applications
> remain very small.
> the two pictures show the situation better than i can explain it; together
> they total ~100k. if it is permissible and it seems of any use, i'll attach
> them to a follow-up message, but did not want to do that if anyone objects.
> very weird. it seems to me that if there is a place where i can set the
> actual screen resolution, 323 dpi, everything ought to work, but i wouldn't
> bet my life on it.

> does anyone here know X?

There isn't "A" place to set DPI that works across distros, across all
applications, and across all DEs.

Setting DPI in TDE desktop settings works by setting a (mainly) GTK knob called
Xft.dpi, which when set can be discovered via xrdb -query. Xft.dpi can be set
via local or global Xresources, plus however GTK sets it. GTK3 defaults to
setting it to 96 when nothing else has explicitly set it, which can be very bad
for DEs other than those entirely or largely dependent on GTK3[1].

DPI can also be set via xorg.conf* using "DisplaySize" with FOSS drivers
or via proprietary setting with NVidia drivers.

-dpi can be used for actual Xorg startup. Where depends on distro.

Xrandr can be used with --dpi or --fbmm in an X or DE startup script.

There may still be something useful here: (no longer works as designed
with most current browsers) (not updated in years)

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