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> Dear Gene, > > On 16.Jun.2019 at 12:11 you wrote: > >> First, I haven't figured out how to get t-bird to quote, or even to >> reply to a list posting, so this is all by had, I can't even get >> copy/paste to work. The main problems withkmail seem to be related >> to index files getting out of whack and I have restored it by >> stopping kmail, > > Well, you are struggling already almost 3 months with kmail and > things seem to get worse and worse. Scrap your head, take a day off > kmail and then look for a better mail-program. T-Bird for sure is not > a prime equivalent and then IMAP on top with your tremendous bunch of > mails. I'd advise you to thoroughly study what Claws Mail has to > offer and how it looks and feels with all the mail stored on your own > PC, no IMAP. In the now 3 years, that I have kicked kmail into the > wastebin and run CM, there never was even a minor flaw. Regards.

I've looked at claws a couple times, but it cannot import the email corpus I've assembled over 17 years of kmail, so I've drifted back both times..  What bothers me is that I've submitted about half the crashes with the crash reporter, 30 or so, most with my email address at the top, but no response, not a single dot for an i.


Cheers, Gene


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