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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-users] PulseAudio?

From: Alexey Loukianov <mooroon2@...>
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 06:56:41 +0400
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03.11.2011 00:55, Peter Laws wrote:
> I'm not sure that it does, though. In KMix, with Pulse Audio selected, I 
> see exactly one slider ("Master") on the Output tab and one slider 
> ("Capture") on the Input tab.
> When I select "HDA Intel", I get 12 slieders on Output, 5 under Input and a
>  tab called Switches that has a bunch of stuff.
> What constitutes "when it works" with Pulse Audio?  I'm thinking that this
>  isn't it.  :-)

Peter, you should Google about what is Pulse Audio, who is Lennart Poettering
and why a lot of linux users all over the world don't like PA and are a bit
skeptical about switch from the Upstart to the systemd if you're really want
to get familiar with PulseAudio sound server.

As for PA, it is really pretty nice daemon to use in case you'd be
exceptionally lucky not to hit any of the bugs in it and related environment.
To correctly control sound volumes on PA-enabled system one would need to use
PA-enabled mixer (KMix is not - yet?). I've seen pretty nice implementations
of PA mixers with decent GUI but they all were using Gtk2. Don't know if
there's something of such kind available based on Qt (especially if we limit
ourselves with Qt3).

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