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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-users] RE: cannot install to Fedora 15

From: Werner Joss <werner@...>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 17:16:56 +0100
On Sunday 06 November 2011 17:01:19 E. Hakan Duran wrote:
> it is probably too early to ask this, but is there any existing or planned
> solution to interface with google contacts and calendar from Kontact? 

not that I would know of, too many things still to be done more urgently, 

> I use 
> Mandriva and I know I had to install a package to make this happen for
> akonadi (KDE4), but is it possible with trinity desktop, since there is no
> akonadi involved?

well, there is a google-akonadi ressource extension, I tried this once and it 
worked more or less, but seems to break from time to time, or have only 
limited capabilities, though.
what I do here with trinity, is sync my std.vcf via Dropbox.
that means, my ~/.trinity/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf is a symlink to the real 
file in my dropbox folder.
this way I can access my contacts from anywhere, on any device.
keeping this in sync with e.g. google contacts requires manual import/export, 
not exactly elegant, but worksforme :)