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Month: November 2011

Squeeze/TDE 3.5.13 - failed upgrade

From: Neil Youngman <ny@...>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 19:54:55 +0000
Unwisely, perhaps, I attempted an upgrade from within a running desktop. 

I replaced my sources.list entries for TDE with:

# Trinity desktop
squeeze main
squeeze main
squeeze main
squeeze main

aptitude update succeeded on the second attempt and then I ran aptitude 

The first sign of trouble was that the window manager crashed as the update 
was applied. I was left with only the running windows and no borders. The 
only way to switch windows was to click in a different window, so I shut them 
all down with CTRL-Q and then I selected "end current session from a 
right-click menu. This dropped me straight back to a command line. All 
attempts to restart X and KDM failed, so I rebooted to see if that made any 

I was still stuck at the command line, so I reverted my sources.list and tried 
to revert kdm. That failed with dependency issues, so I wiped all of trinity 
3.5.13 and reinstalled 3.5.12, which restored my desktop to normal 

Neil Youngman