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Month: August 2020

Re: Re: Re: Re: KMix can't control audio volume

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2020 09:48:31 +0200
Roman Savochenko wrote:

> So, the TDE community does not trust the high qualified developers, who
> are committing to TDE from TDE 3.5.13 on ALTLinux (2013 year), who saved
> many patches from TDE/KDE 3.5.12 on ALTLinux, who are well and wide
> range tested their patches (using that) and provide very easy testing
> way on LiveDisks!

It is not like this. As Michele explained, we are all busy people. I respect
the work you do for yourself and for others, but it does not fit my needs.
It simply does not have what I need and I also do not have time to download
and test anything for the sake of doing it. I am sorry.
This is why I agree with Michele, that it is best to work on Gitea, where
the pieces fit together.

> Whether did I all counted? :)

A little bit more of cooperation :)

I do not consider myself as qualified developer, but I have a use case since
2005 when I was using a Palm III and later V and it was easy to sync by
pressing a button on the docking station.
After the Palms broke and the mobile phones took over I started having
issues and it was not possible to sync. Especially contacts who were in
Cyrillic got broken. I did not have the time to deal with it until
2010-2011 when I started looking at the code, cleaning up, fixing things.
With the time passing all the issues were solved on the side of syncing.
And this did not include only TDE. Because Nokia, I used 5530 and N9 later,
stopped making phone. The syncml was dropped by Google & Co and everybody
went crazy with those clouds, where you don't know what is happening with
your data. IMO the easiest and safest way for syncing PIM is via BT. But
may be I am the only one on this planet doing this now :)
So it took me couple of years to go through the issues in KDE/TDE and then
to revive the buteo-syncml code, to get familiar with Sailfish, with SDK
with Qt5, with dbus, bluetooth and SyncML. Especially the transition from
blue4 to bluez5 was devastating. All the code had to be rewritten. On top
of this dbus had to be used. This opened the topic with debusxml2qt3. It
took us may be 3 years to fix only that part. Now I'm trying to get this
Bluetooth manager into TDE officially and it will complete the whole set on
TDE side.
I also have to take care of the buteo-syncml & syncml plugin for Sailfish.
I also have to take care of the TDE sync plugins in SyncEvolution.
And this is all done for free and for my own benefit of course, because I do
not want to recompile tones of code and spent time with each and every
upgrade or maintain my own branch or version of TDE.

Why I am telling you the story? Because if you cooperate, at the end things
get done. If you maintain own branch of TDE or KDE3.5, I do not understand
what are your expectations, but it is not my business as well.
I think everybody could benefit of cooperation, but also everybody is free
to do what he/she believes is the best to do.

Perhaps you talk to Michele and Slavek and make a plan that suits your and
their vision of the future. Of course if you do not try or do not agree,
and don't make compromise here and there, it will not work.
As Michele said, we are all busy with work, family and whatever. Please, do
understand this and be just a bit more cooperative.

BTW I asked Michele to look into your kmix and kmilo patches, which I've
been using for couple of years already and Michele was so nice to rework
them and we got the improvements in TDE suggested by you. You could have
been doing this as well in cooperation with Michele and thus saving his

1. this is my personal opinion
2. I was going to send this only to you and Michele, but I do not know how
to do it