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Month: August 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Loading setting on logon takes long time

From: Michael <mb_trinity_desktop@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 11:24:22 -0500
On Tuesday 04 August 2020 11:08:34 am Janek Stolarek wrote:
> I've recently set up a new machine with TDE. For reasons I can't figure
> out, when I log into TDE on the new machine the startup screen needs about
> 4-5 seconds to get past the "Loading settings" step. On the old machine
> this takes a split second, so on the new machine this is several times
> slower. The new machine has a faster SDD and comparable CPU (more cores
> than the old one, but that's probably not relevant here) so I don't see a
> good reason why this is so slow. I know there is a setting in TCC to
> disable configuration checking on login, which I did. It seems to
> *sometimes* work, i.e. occasionally "Loading settings" will take a split
> second, but for the most time it still takes 4-5 seconds. Does anyone have
> a clue what's going on here?

Hi Janek,

Not exactly a clue, but it's generally not a good idea to turn off the 
configuration checking on login.  Take sip of your drink, get another cup of 
coffee, but let it do it's thing so your system works correctly...


PS:  The new(ish) TDE has a 'fixer' program that runs at login to do ??? (ask 
a dev).  It'll run each login until it's satisfied (mine ran 4 or 5 times 
doing an upgrade from stretch/R14.06 to buster/R14.08).