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Month: August 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity freezes

From: hmamani@...
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2020 17:08:10 +0000
El 2020-08-06 16:42, William Morder via trinity-users escribi�:
> On Thursday 06 August 2020 09:34:47 hmamani@... wrote:
>> Hi everyone! Firstly, TDE is amazing, is the old-fasion flavior I
>> looking for; I've installed on my Debian 10 (I've Openbox, LXDE and
>> Gnome desktops too) but, when I click on Internet menu (to enter
>> firefox, for example), TDE Freezes.. only mouse move. I've reboot
>> pressing cntrl + alt supr.
>> I need help, I really, really want use TDE desktop!
> Hello!
> Others are probably better informed to help you; at present, however, I 
> seem
> to be the only one online, or answering.
> When asking for help, it is good to let us know what operating system 
> you are
> using (e.g., Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, etc.), and what version of 
> Trinity/TDE
> (e.g. 14.0.8, 14.0.9, etc., and what Trinity repositories are in your 
> sources
> list). Also, are you running other desktops alongside TDE (such as 
> KDE4/5,
> LXDE, etc.)?
> Out of the issues I've read about on this list, yours is the first 
> example
> I've heard of Trinity freezing..
> Bill
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Thanks Bill, I wrong, I thought if I say "debian 10" was enough to say 
"I've 64-bit", but Debian for 32 bit too exist.
Well, I've Debian 10, 64 Bit, on Cq43 presario, 8 GB RAM, AMD E-300 APU 
with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 2 core (ancient, I know) and I installed 
Trinity following the wiki instructions (R14.0.x series)
(first, with sudo aptitude install tde-trinity I had dependencies 
mistake messages, so I instaled first tde-base (is a similar name) and 
later tde-trinity.

I've Gnome desktop, Openbox and Lxde; kernel 4.19.0-10 SMP Debian