Well, thanks so much 4 u answers!
Here is Winter, freeze is a logical issue ;-)

- I test reconfigure command, but dont work.
- In the future I wish have only Trinity desktop, why not, but first I need solved that issues
- I will try kick off openbox and later, I thought some crazy idea.. What happens if I edit menu entry and Internet options remove? (Later I put on new locations)

The problem only occurs when I select Internet in the Menu options, the another display sub menu very nice.

- I will investigate fvwm
- Thanks Bill and everyone!

(All this starting after to see Moksha desktop on the project Escuelas Linux, I used Puppy and I remember fluxbox desktop too! Well, gmail and other services - 4 my work - waste to much processor)

El 6 de agosto de 2020 4:37:01 PM GMT-04:00, William Morder via trinity-users <trinity-users@...> escribió:

On Thursday 06 August 2020 10:08:10 hmamani@... wrote:
El 2020-08-06 16:42, William Morder via trinity-users escribió:
On Thursday 06 August 2020 09:34:47 hmamani@... wrote:
Hi everyone! Firstly, TDE is amazing, is the old-fasion flavior I
looking for; I've installed on my Debian 10 (I've Openbox, LXDE and
Gnome desktops too) but, when I click on Internet menu (to enter
firefox, for example), TDE Freezes.. only mouse move. I've reboot
pressing cntrl + alt supr.

I need help, I really, really want use TDE desktop!


Others are probably better informed to help you; at present, however, I
to be the only one online, or answering.

When asking for help, it is good to let us know what operating system
you are
using (e.g., Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, etc.), and what version of
(e.g. 14.0.8, 14.0.9, etc., and what Trinity repositories are in your
list). Also, are you running other desktops alongside TDE (such as
LXDE, etc.)?

Out of the issues I've read about on this list, yours is the first
I've heard of Trinity freezing..


Thanks Bill, I wrong, I thought if I say "debian 10" was enough to say
"I've 64-bit", but Debian for 32 bit too exist.
Well, I've Debian 10, 64 Bit, on Cq43 presario, 8 GB RAM, AMD E-300 APU
with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 2 core (ancient, I know) and I installed
Trinity following the wiki instructions (R14.0.x series)
(first, with sudo aptitude install tde-trinity I had dependencies
mistake messages, so I instaled first tde-base (is a similar name) and
later tde-trinity.

I've Gnome desktop, Openbox and Lxde; kernel 4.19.0-10 SMP Debian

By the way, I don't believe you need to give out quite so much information as
this (unless it is really relevant to your issue). For the most part, I
believe all we need is to know your OS, what other desktops you are running,
and what Trinity repositories you are using.

The same as with that earlier question about giving out "dotfiles" (meaning
your folders in <USER>/. -- don't give out more information than is
necessary. There are some configuration files (usually text files ending
in -rc) that are useful to modify, backup, and share (stripped of personal
details), but it's best to keep it to yourself otherwise.

We don't know who else reads the Trinity mailing list. ;-)

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