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Month: August 2020

questions about upgrade to Beowulf/Buster

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2020 07:38:08 -0700
Okay guys, so I am stumped and confuzzled. 

I just did an upgrade to Devuan Beowulf (= Debian Buster), and everything went 
fine; except once up and running, I couldn't download more than a few of 
Trinity's packages. 

After trying different repositories, and playing with my sources list, I 
managed to do just a bit better, then I saved the day with some extreme 
voodoo using about config (scrolling through the manpages to find something 
that work). I ended up getting enough the Trinity packages to download by 
using --ignore-hold and dselect-upgrade options. I even searched out the 
links to deb packages on the developers' repositories, and downloaded them 
with wget, so that I could try forcing install using dpkg. 

Now at least (at last) I do have a working system which is a reasonable 
facsimile of my previous one, but it does seem like it ought to have been 
easier. For about the past three days now, I've lived in the command-line. 

Also I would like recommendations for a firewall that displays active 
connections and rules, etc., like the old Firestarter used to do. I catch all 
kinds of problems by noticing activity on my firewall, but now I cannot seem 
to find one that displays active connections, and Firestarter can no longer 
be hacked to make it work on a newer system. 

Thanks for any advice or comments,