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Month: August 2020

Project status report - summary

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 14:21:23 +0200
Hi all,

in the previous e-mail, we made a trip into the history of the project. Now 
it's time for summary information about the current state of the project 

Note: For topics we need to discuss together you can wait for a subsequent 
e-mail with the Tasks chapter. However, it is useful for you to have an 
overview of the intrastructure of the project.

-- Summary --

The project infrastructure currently consists of the following parts:

1. Tim's original infrastructure.

This is maintained and donated by Tim. The problem here is that only 
Tim can manage it and as we know, it is very difficult to get hold of Tim.

Here are still some services that will either be migrated to the new TDE 
box donated by Integricloud or will need to be abandoned. Example of that 
are bugzilla and mailing lists. We will discuss these services 

2. TDE box donated by Integricloud.

This is a powerful machine on Power9 architecture, which is physically 
located in the Integricloud hosting center. Integricloud provides its 
operation as a donation for us. We have full remote access to this box
and all its services. Thanks to this, there are more administrators who
can do maintenance.

Services from Tim's infrastructure are gradually being migrated to this 
box. The main site, wiki, cgit has already been migrated and the original 
SCM has been replaced by a second instance of gitea that sync with the main
TGW on vpsFree.

3. TDE VPS donated by

Here we do not have a complete physical machine, but one virtual machine. 
It is located in the hosting center used by, which provides 
its operation as a donation to us. We have full remote access to this vps. 
Thanks to this, there are more administrators who can do maintenance.

Initially, the main redirector was located here. Then the cache for 
packages was added to optimize the publishing of new releases.

Subsequently, new services that were not on Tim's original infrastructure 
were set up on this vps - TGW and TWTW. These services currently provide 
the backbone of project development.

4. Slavek's home server and builders.

This infrastructure is maintained and provided by Sl�vek. Currently, the 
problem is that only Sl�vek can manage these machines. However, for now, 
this does not seem to be a major problem. Services are available, packages 
are built and Sl�vek can usually be contacted well.

The primary archive is located here. And several builders that are used to 
build deb packages. These builders are virtual machines located on various 
physical machines, where the unused power of these physical machines is 
provided for building packages. For example, the builder for ppc64el 
packages is located on the TDE box from Integricloud.

There is a plan to move the primary archive to a separate virtual machine 
and builders to a separate vpn network, where it will be possible to 
provide access to more administrators.

5. Mike's primary mirror and other mirrors.

Mike manages and donates the primary mirror, which is used to synchronize 
packages from the primary archive. Additional mirrors are synchronized from 
this primary mirror. These mirrors are maintained and donated by their 

6. Fran�ois repository of RPM packages.

In addition to deb packages, there is Fran�ois, who creates, builds and 
provides repositories for RPM packages. These RPM packages are regularly 
synchronized from the source maintained and donated by Fran�ois to the 
primary archive and cache on the primary redirector.

Well, now you have an overview of what infrastructure ensures that the 
project can exist and grow. You can look forward to a subsequent e-mail 
regarding the tasks we need to discuss and solve... stay tuned.