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Month: November 2011

Re: trinity-keyring overwrites sources.list.d -why?

From: Nick Leverton <nick@...>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 11:07:53 +0000 (UTC)
In article <201111191619.10242.gomadtroll@...>,
Greg Madden  <trinity-users@...> wrote:
>On Saturday 19 November 2011 3:19:17 pm David Hare wrote:
>> It's quite common for Debian users to manually enter non-Debian lists in
>> sources.list.d.
> The install directions on the TDE site say to add sources to the ~/sources.list 
>file.  Why have two lists ?
>This is something I have always done, manage my own sources.list, not 
>necessarily 'best practices'. Probably a good reason Debian has the 
>~/sources.list.d dir :-)
> I was not aware  TDE was writing sources until I read this thread and looked. I 
>have  a google-chrome.list there, I know Opera writes there also.

I have to say it did confuse me from the user point of view as well,
that the keyring package includes a sources.list.d entry, especially
since I chose to use a Trinity mirror in my main sources.list (both for
speed and sociability in reducing the load on Timothy's site).  And then
I discovered that I was also getting updates from the main PPA anyway.

As you say, some third party packages use this practice of putting a
sources.list entry into their keyring file, but it's not mainstream
amongst third-party Debian add-ons e.g. backports-org-keyring didn't
do this, debian-multimedia-keyring doesn't.

For the future, perhaps the instructions might either say to add the
sources.list entry manually, or to download the keyring file manually
which will then add it in sources.list.d, IMHO.  Still at least I now
know about sources.list.d for the future :-)

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