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Month: November 2011

RE: [trinity-users] Nightly Builds is killin' me! Help?

From: "Laws, Peter C." <plaws@...>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 19:38:10 +0000
 <stuck in OWA hell so doing this manually!>
On Wednesday 23 November 2011 at some time Tim P wrote:

> The packages in the nightly builds PPA are pre-alpha quality
> software at the moment!

All true and I knew (mostly) what I was getting into ... but ... I've been using them daily for over a month and have had *very* few issues.  And by "using them", I mean that this is my workstation at work.  I do admit that I don't update daily.

Printer driver issues, some goofiness with HALD, and now this have been the only issues, really, oh, and some screen rendering problems.  Otherwise, it's pretty solid.

Yes, this is intended as a compliment!  :-)