Either way,

With Trinity expanding onto non debian systems I think its important to help remove some of the Ubuntu "hacks"


On Nov 26, 2011 4:59 PM, "Kristopher John Gamrat" <chaotickjg@...> wrote:
On Saturday 26 November 2011 04:21:34 pm Lisi wrote:
> On Saturday 26 November 2011 19:38:55 Timothy Pearson wrote:
> > > What are the trinity executables that really need to run with sudo?
> >
> > As an example, anything that needs root access in kcontrol.  Some users
> > also like to use sudo to launch a root-permissioned kwrite or konqueror.
> That is surely only true of Kubuntu.  On Debian I use su for root access to
> KControl.

That is true for anybody who prefers sudo. If I recall correctly, doing "kdesudo /opt/trinity/bin/kcmshell 'kdm'" and typing your password does the same as using kdesu instead and typing root's password.

Though for some reason, even on Debian, kdesu asks for my password instead of root's. If I try typing root's password, it tells me I gave it the wrong password. It works fine with my normal user password.

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