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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Kopete

From: Francois Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 17:48:43 +0100
Le 27/11/2011 16:20, Kristopher John Gamrat a écrit :
> On Sunday 27 November 2011 10:14:58 am Jan Litwiński wrote:
>> W dniu 27.11.2011 11:35, Francois Andriot pisze:
>>> Le 27/11/2011 01:03, Jan Litwiński a écrit :
>>>> Trinity on Fedora 16, when I run kopete there is empty list of
>>>> available messaging protocols.
>>>> Any help?
>>>> TIA
>>> Hello, it looks like kopete protocols were not compiled at all in this
>>> build.
>>> I will correct it then you'll get an updated package in the repository.
>> the same is with contact. kmail, knode, etc they are broken.
> Probably all of kdepim needs recompiling, that's where Kontact and Kmail reside. Dunno where Knode resides.

Hello, what do you mean by "broken" in kontact, kmail, or knode ?
I've just set up an imap account inside kmail and it works well. knode 
works too with my ISP newsgroup server.

Concerning kopete, it is part of the "kdenetwork" package (I think this 
is specific to Trinity), and I've managed to compile the protocols BUT 
the MSN one is not working ... I dunno why. I'll continue to investigate 
on that problem, since it looks like it works on Debian.