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Month: November 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Kopete

From: Jan Litwiński <jlitwinski@...>
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:15:50 +0100
W dniu 28.11.2011 19:10, Kristopher John Gamrat pisze:
> On Monday 28 November 2011 12:45:27 pm Jan Litwiński wrote:
>> W dniu 28.11.2011 18:32, Kristopher John Gamrat pisze:
>>> On Monday 28 November 2011 12:19:11 pm Jan Litwiński wrote:
>>>> W dniu 28.11.2011 17:53, Kristopher John Gamrat pisze:
>>>>> On Monday 28 November 2011 11:40:25 am Jan Litwiński wrote:
>>>>>>> If Francois can't fix it in his packages, then file a bug report with TDE.
>>>>>>> Gmail supports both IMAP and POP3, so you don't need to sue POP. If you prefer Thunderbird, though, that's fine. To each his own :-)
>>>>>> J have 3 accounts gmail with imap, netscape with imap (it works) and pop
>>>>>> with that account I write now it don't work with kmail
>>>>> You mean neither IMAP nor POP work, or just the POP?
>>>>> I'm using IMAP with my Gmail (plus several other accounts) with no issues. SMTP works fine too. I don't use Fedora, but if IMAP and SMTP don't work for you, then it's probably an issue with Fedora packages.
>>>>> If your problem is POP only, I can't confirm this since I don't have my Gmail or any other email configured for POP.
>>>> POP don't work at all, my aol imap works and gmail imap don't work I
>>>> will try change config with gmail
>>> I don't know if regular IMAP will work with Kmail and Gmail, I haven't tried it.
>>> If Gmail doesn't work with Kmail using Cached IMAP, then the problem is with the Fedora packages. Gmail works fine with Cached IMAP on Debian, and regular IMAP works with my other email accounts.
>>> Since I don't work with Fedora, I won't be able to help out any further other than to suggest waiting for Francois to respond.
>> Now I configured gmail with disconnected imap it works, but I got error
>> from reading 1 folder on gmail, but kmail is still buggy I can't send
>> any mail with smtp on my 3 accounts, so I will use thunderbird instead.
> If you're willing to try again when Francois comes on, he might be able to help you. If I remember right, he was doing the packages for Fedora.
I will try again when new updates come

Jan Litwiński
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