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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Strange behaviour using removable media - Squeeze & Konqueror

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 12:08:59 -0800 (PST)
> 4. This box has three removable media drives installed: a
> DVD drive, an
> Iomega Zip 750 drive and a 9 cm floppy drive. 
> Installing a CD or DVD
> drive causes the “Removable Media KDE daemon” to open
> in a separate
> window but also adds another line to the
> “system:/media” tab which
> identifies the installed medium by name, e.g.,
> “Trips001”.  It is then
> possible to mount this medium from the “system:/media”
> tab, read its
> contents and ultimately either to unmount or eject
> it.  The last two
> operations cause the identifying line to disappear.
> 5. Two Zip 750 disks are normally used for backups in this
> box; but
> Konqueror does not behave the same way for each one. 
> Installation in
> the drive of one of the disks will cause a new line to be
> added to the
> “system:/media” tab, “ZIP750” which corresponds to
> the mount point for
> this drive (UUID=348F-3C8C) established in
> “/etc/fstab”.  It is then
> possible to mount this medium, read from it, write to it
> and ultimately
> unmount it.  On unmounting the “ZIP750” line
> disappears.
> 6. Installation of the other Zip 750 disk in the same drive
> opens a
> *different* new line in the “system:/media” tab. 
> Instead of reading
> “ZIP750” it reads “752M removable media”. 
> Konqueror will not permit
> mounting or unmounting this particular Zip 750 disk; it
> says that the
> user does not have permission to open this disk and that
> this device
> node does not appear in “/etc/fstab”. This disk can
> however be mounted
> (and unmounted) in an Xterm.  Once mounted in that way
> it will show up
> in the “system:/media” tab as mounted and can be read
> from and written
> to in that tab.  So, why do two Zip 750 disks
> installed in the same
> drive behave differently in Konqueror?
> 7. At this point it occurred to me that the first Zip 750
> disk was, so
> to speak, a virgin disk; whereas the second was not. 
> The second in fact
> had tarballs of files in the Squeeze box but written to it
> from a Lenny
> box.  So, I decided to restore the “virginity” of
> the second by running
> in the Squeeze box “mkfs.vfat /dev/sda4”, which of
> course obliterated
> those files.  I then tried in the Squeeze box to mount
> it both in an
> Xterm and in the “system:/media” tab of Konqueror; it
> would not mount at
> all in either place.  I then went back to the Lenny
> box, logged in as
> the user whose files are in the Squeeze box and was able to
> write to
> this disk backup tarballs of files in the Squeeze
> box.  I took this disk
> back to the Squeeze box and was now able to open it there
> in the
> “system:/media” tab as “750M removable media” and
> to perform all the
> usual removable disk functions.  I also however
> discovered that now I
> cannot mount either Zip 750 disk from an Xterm.  When
> I try I now
> receive the message “I could not determine the file
> system type and none
> was specified.”  Strange.
> 8. For both these two drives, the DVD and the Iomega Zip
> 750, the
> “Removable Media KDE daemon” opens.  Since I
> prefer to open these in a
> Konqueror tab instead of in a new window, I would like to
> be able to
> prevent that daemon from opening in a new window.  Is
> there a way to do so?
> 9. Finally, the floppy drive is not recognized at all in
> the Squeeze
> box.  With a disk installed it does not show up in the
> “system:/media”,
> nor can it be mounted in an Xterm.  What, if anything,
> be done to use
> floppies with Squeeze and KDE-Trinity Konqueror?

Some of your problems likely are related to some existing bug reports: