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Month: August 2010

Re: [trinity-users] Removable USB Devices

From: Jimmy Johnson <JimmyJhn@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 23:29:31 -0700
Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>>> Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>>>> One additional question; do you have the kde-trinity package installed
>>>>> on
>>>>> your system?
>>>>> Thanks!
>>>>> Timothy Pearson
>>>>> Trinity Desktop Project
>>>> No, I have few meta packages installed.
>>>> Then there is a very good chance you do not have hal installed.  Hal is
>>>> required for the USB auto-detect and a few other power management
>>>> features
>>>> to function.
>> I do have hal, hal-info, hal-trinity,  libhal1, libhal-storage1 are all
>> installed.

>> Can you post a list of all *-trinity packages that you have installed?  I
>> am almost certain a package is missing somewhere, as it all works
>> perfectly for me on my up-to-date test system.

akregator-trinity                               install
ark-trinity                                     install
arts-trinity                                    install
artsbuilder-trinity                             install
desktop-base-trinity                            install
exiv2-trinity                                   install
gwenview-trinity                                install
hal-trinity                                     install
k3b-data-trinity                                install
k3b-trinity                                     install
kaddressbook-trinity                            install
kaffeine-trinity                                install
kamera-trinity                                  install
kappfinder-trinity                              install
kate-trinity                                    install
kaudiocreator-trinity                           install
kcalc-trinity                                   install
kcoloredit-trinity                              install
kcontrol-trinity                                install
kcron-trinity                                   install
kdat-trinity                                    install
kde-core-trinity                                install
kde-systemsettings-trinity                      install
kdeadmin-kfile-plugins-trinity                  install
kdeadmin-trinity                                install
kdebase-data-trinity                            install
kdebase-kio-plugins-trinity                     install
kdebase-runtime-data-common-trinity             install
kdebase-trinity                                 install
kdebase-trinity-bin                             install
kdebindings-java-trinity                        install
kdegames-card-data-trinity                      install
kdegraphics-kfile-plugins-trinity               install
kdegraphics-trinity                             install
kdelibs-data-trinity                            install
kdelibs-trinity                                 install
kdelibs4c2a-trinity                             install
kdemultimedia-kappfinder-data-trinity           install
kdemultimedia-kfile-plugins-trinity             install
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins-trinity               install
kdepasswd-trinity                               install
kdepim-kio-plugins-trinity                      install
kdepim-kresources-trinity                       install
kdeprint-trinity                                install
kdesktop-trinity                                install
kdesudo-trinity                                 install
kdf-trinity                                     install
kdm-trinity                                     install
kdmtheme-trinity                                install
kdnssd-trinity                                  install
kdvi-trinity                                    install
kfax-trinity                                    install
kfaxview-trinity                                install
kfind-trinity                                   install
kgamma-trinity                                  install
kget-trinity                                    install
kghostview-trinity                              install
khelpcenter-trinity                             install
kicker-trinity                                  install
kiconedit-trinity                               install
kipi-plugins-trinity                            install
kjscmd-trinity                                  install
klipper-trinity                                 install
kmail-trinity                                   install
kmenuedit-trinity                               install
kmid-trinity                                    install
kmix-trinity                                    install
kmoon-trinity                                   install
kmrml-trinity                                   install
knemo-trinity                                   install
knetworkconf-trinity                            install
kolourpaint-trinity                             install
konq-plugins-trinity                            install
konqueror-nsplugins-trinity                     install
konqueror-trinity                               install
konsole-trinity                                 install
kooka-trinity                                   install
korganizer-trinity                              install
kpackage-trinity                                install
kpager-trinity                                  install
kpat-trinity                                    install
kpdf-trinity                                    install
kpersonalizer-trinity                           install
kpovmodeler-trinity                             install
kpowersave-trinity                              install
krec-trinity                                    install
kregexpeditor-trinity                           install
kruler-trinity                                  install
kscd-trinity                                    install
ksmserver-trinity                               install
ksnapshot-trinity                               install
ksplash-trinity                                 install
ksvg-trinity                                    install
ksysguard-trinity                               install
ksysguardd-trinity                              install
ksystemlog-trinity                              install
ksysv-trinity                                   install
ktip-trinity                                    install
kuser-trinity                                   install
kview-trinity                                   install
kviewshell-trinity                              install
kweather-trinity                                install
kwin-style-crystal-trinity                      install
kwin-trinity                                    install
libarts1-akode-trinity                          install
libarts1-audiofile-trinity                      install
libarts1-mpeglib-trinity                        install
libarts1-xine-trinity                           install
libarts1c2a-trinity                             install
libartsc0-trinity                               install
libdcop3-java-trinity                           install
libdcop3-jni-trinity                            install
libexiv2-4-trinity                              install
libk3b-trinity-dev                              install
libk3b2-extracodecs-trinity                     install
libk3b3-extracodecs-trinity                     install
libk3b3-trinity                                 install
libkcal2b-trinity                               install
libkcddb1-trinity                               install
libkdcraw3-trinity                              install
libkdegames1-trinity                            install
libkdepim1a-trinity                             install
libkexiv2-3-trinity                             install
libkipi0-trinity                                install
libkjsembed1-trinity                            install
libkleopatra1-trinity                           install
libkmime2-trinity                               install
libkonq4-trinity                                install
libkpimexchange1-trinity                        install
libkpimidentities1-trinity                      install
libkscan1-trinity                               install
libksieve0-trinity                              install
libktnef1-trinity                               install
libmimelib1c2a-trinity                          install
libqt3-java-trinity                             install
libqt3-jni-trinity                              install
libtrinity-java-trinity                         install
libtrinity-jni-trinity                          install
mpeglib-trinity                                 install
noatun-trinity                                  install

> Also, when you click Log Out, are there any hibernate and/or suspend
> buttons visible on the bottom of the logout dialog?  That is how I usually
> determine if the Trinity/HAL bindings are installed and working.
> Tim

Both hibernate and suspend are in the logout dialog.

Jimmy Johnson

Debian Lenny Trinity KDE 3.5.11 at sda13
Registered Linux User #380263