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Month: December 2010

Re: [trinity-users] Debian Squeeze

From: Paul Cartwright <paul@...>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 21:03:19 -0500
On 12/14/2010 08:46 PM, David Hare wrote:
> You did say you wanted to REPLACE kde with trinity on squeeze
> (kde-squeeze=kde4)
yes, you are correct.. but, I never really USED it, it just came with
the squeeze install:)
the whole point of installing squeeze ( for me) was trying out trinity..

> My apology if I misinterpreted your original post.
no, you got it right..
> Re: the wlan card : Nothing to do with Trinity at all, just I have the
> same and that's how I configure it.
does it do WPA?

Paul Cartwright
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