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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] kaffeine-3.5.13 compilation error

From: "roman" <lists@...>
Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 00:19:14 +0100

On Thu, February 2, 2012 15:01, E. Liddell wrote:
> I believe I used the ebuild for 3.3.8d from Serghei's overlay while
> setting up
> my test machine.  Basically, his kdebase ebuilds are functional, they just
> have to have filename changed to 3.5.13-only and SRC_URI changed to
> pull from the Trinity mirrors.
qt-meta-3,3,8d should already be in the repository

> HAL is optional for everything except . . . was it knetworkmanager?
Ok, i thought it was still needed for automounting with konqueror or sth.
like that.

> Something I don't have installed, anyway.  ksmserver can optionally
> use it, but doesn't have to.  We need something like:
> src_configure() {
> 	mycmakeargs=(
> 		-DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH=/usr/tde/3.5/lib
> 		`cmake-utils_use_with hal HAL`
> in the ksmserver ebuild and this appended to profiles/use.desc:
As far as i know we need just to add the inlcudes  from hal? Could you
take a look at that as i am not really familar with that..

> I have the last hal ebuild from the main tree floating around here
> somewhere, if
> we want to include it in the overlay.
I already uploaded the latest hal/hal-info to the repo since it was gone
from the tree i had put it in kde-sunset also.
I think for now we can keep it around if we can get knetworkmanager

>> In kde-*.eclass i think it might be wise to comment/remove all functions
>> und reenable the ones that are still needed for the remaining non-cmake
>> ebuilds on a as-needed basis.
> Mmph.  I think most of them are used--those eclasses provide their own
> pkg_config, src_configure, etc. that replace the standard ones.  The cmake
> ebuilds only use -functions and qt3, anyway--the other two will be going
> away once we have no more autotools, so it isn't worth spending more time
> on them than we absolutely have to.
Ok, then we just need to revisit the naming scheme;) What would be the
best way here? Or did we agree already on this:

- renaming only the categories -> users have to "emerge
- Changing the prefix to /usr/tde/3.5/
nothing more!

>> > type on a regular basis, I'd like to be as distinct as possible.
>> Adding new categories is easy, just create the folder-structure and
>> portage will complain that you need to add your own categories into
>> profiles/categories.;)
> Ah.  We should probably have a metadata.xml too.
Uhm... whats that for again?

>> So how far do you wanna go with the renaming?
> For this iteration not very far, because it messes with $P and its
> relatives--
> only the category should change.  For R14, follow the parent project,
> which
> would give us, frex, tdelibs and twin, but not tonqueror.
Ah ok, so scratch the above then;) tde-base or trinity-base then?

> Serghei is more intent on attacking the R14 source in git than the current
> release, though.  Not that there's anything wrong with that (and live
> ebuilds
> might be a nice-to-have), but it isn't what I had in mind as a first step.
Yes, we can lower the priority on that i guess.. and start replacing
automake in R14.

> I'll probably have a couple of hours to put into this between now and
> then.
> If I can get a github account actually set up (last attempt failed because
> I
> didn't realize I was blocking their cookies), I'll see about uploading
> what
> I have for kdebase/kdeartwork/kdegraphics and their deps once I've
> cleaned and sorted everything.  (At the moment, I'm using a really messy
> local overlay that mixes Serghei's stuff, kde-sunset, and my own work,
> but I obviously can't upload that.)
Hehe, if you can't get github working i can also setup a repo on my own
For the basic kdebase-startkde i guess i do have probably most of the
ebuilds working. But i still do have 2 errors during runtime:

1. Only the first click on the K-Menu gives me a "Malformed URL"-Error.
2. via ALT+F2 Launcher i can run firefox, thunar, evince, gimp (i guess
all X11-progs), but cant seem to get a simple urxvt or other console-tool
running. Anyone know what this error could be?

> True--and from what little I know of him, he seems like a nice guy.
Yep, he and the others in #funtoo are always very helpful and fun.

> I have had an offer of assistance in sorting out the linker problem, but
> the
> person involved is, I believe, with a different distro.  Still, we'll see
> what
> we can do.
Very good! I don't know how much distro-differences are in the linker-part.;)

good night,