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Month: February 2012

Move from Lenny and KDE to Squeeze and TDE

From: Lisi <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 21:33:39 +0000
A few months ago, when my desktop turned its toes up and went skywards to its 
rest, I started to use my testbed machine as a temporary desktop.  It was 
already running Squeeze and TDE, so I moved my mail folders and set out to 
use it.  My emails simply wouldn't display, and when I installed Lenny on 
this machine I found that said emails had been mauled.  Fortunately, I had 
three copies and the third was fine.  So far, so good.

Now Lenny has been pensioned off.  (Well, will have been by tomorrow.)  I 
clearly have to face Squeeze and TDE again.  But I want my email; emails, 
folders and all.  I can find no reference to anything other than what I did, 
and it is not impossible that the HDD was faulty and that that is the 
problem.  I have searched on Google, but so far as I can tell, I did the 
right thing.

So please, before I dive in again, and this time I would not be able to 
retreat to Lenny, can I have all and any advice on how to save my emails?  
Other than take a large number of copies, which I shall do anyway.