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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Move from Lenny and KDE to Squeeze and TDE

From: "pierre.lag6633@..." <pierre.lag6633@...>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 01:07:56 +0100
Well no worries, glad it has helped you.

I forgot one (important) thing about the .kde to .trinity trick :
for kmail not be lost with its configuration, you need to create a
shortcut to ".trinity" folder with name ".kde" . That works for any
trinity application that uses the reference to .kde folder in a
configuration file that has been copied from a KDE3 environment.
You must be careful not to mess this up with some new KDE 4
configuration folder of course (anyway I presume you don't use kde
4 ;)).

Another trick to transfer from kmail to another mail client as Evolution
or another kmail is to save your mails by selecting all of them in any
of the folder or subfolder you have and save them as one single mbox
file (right-click/"save as" or ctrl+s, then give this one archive a name
like the folder name where they are stored in your kmail mailbox, for
instance). Then you can open this mbox archive list in the target mail
client and store the mails in a target folder of your choice...

Hope it can give some more ways to save your mails ;)

See you


Le dimanche 05 f�vrier 2012 � 23:19 +0000, Lisi a �crit :
> Sorry - that is very charitable wording compared to what I deserve!
> On Sunday 05 February 2012 22:14:30 pierre.lag6633@... wrote:
> > In order to be able to help you, we probably need some more information.
> > What is your client software for email ? Are you using kmail ?
> Yes.
> > If so, I'd say it simply needs to copy the .kde/share/apps/kmail folder
> > from Lenny/KDE to the .trinity/share/apps/kmail of Squeeze/TDE (that was
> > what I done and it was all right) and you'll get your mails in kmail-
> > trinity. 
> I copied Mail to Mail, as I had frequently done before.  It would appear that 
> that was what I had done incorrectly.  Helped by faulty HDDs.
> > Maybe you will have to enter your account passwords again, but 
> > that will be all, to my sense.
> I don't mind having to re-enter things like that!  It is the emails and folder 
> structure that I desperately want to carry over.
> > So some few questions
> >  - how exactly did you "move" your emails ? (from and to folder names?)
> Originally, /home/lisi/Mail to /home/lisi/Mail.  That would appear to be at 
> least part of my mistake, from what you say.
> >  - is everything ok about your mails on your Lenny version, can you see
> > them all under kmail or whatever ?
> Oh, yes. They are fine now.  I lost a few emails, but that is all.
> >  - is your user has the same name on both Lenny and Squeeze ?
> Yes.  I change as little as possible.
> I think that you have already answered my basic question.  I shall take great 
> care to have at least four separate copies of /home, preferably five.  And if 
> I get stuck, appeal here.  I just wondered whether I should be doing 
> something by way of deliberately storing a copy of my emails in a special 
> format for transfer.
> All I have to decide now is whether to update this machine or get a move-on in 
> rebuilding my desktop and start fresh on that with Squeeze.
> Thank you very much, Pierre.
> Lisi
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