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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Poll

From: Nate Bargmann <n0nb@...>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 07:06:08 -0600
* On 2012 11 Feb 18:18 -0600, Lisi wrote:
> Why not KDE4??  Have you got a year or two?

After the release of KDE 4.8 a couple of weeks ago I installed Kubuntu
11.10 and then updated to 4.8 via the PPA.  It's nice and just about won
me over except that I prefer a number of GTK apps and if the GTK-Qt
engine is used the GTK apps suffer from strange behavior such as the
Page-Up/Page-Dn keys didn't work!  Okay, I could go back to a native GTK
theme and then I have the odd desktop look.  The second strike is no
sane Pulse Audio control program written in Qt so I had to install the
latest PAvucontrol so I could get per app sink switching.  The result
was installing about half of GNOME!

Kubuntu will stay on the partition as it lets me connect to my phone via
BlueTooth which I can't seem to get working in Debian.

> Why not Gnome?  Have you read the reviews of Gnome3??

I used GNOME 3 shell on my laptop running Wheezy and other than wonky
session management, I had no real complaints.  That is until I got
impatient and updated it to Sid to get the 3.2.1 shell and then the fun
began.  It was actually less stable than the 3.0.1 version it replaced
although I could install various extensions.  Compared to Unity GNOME 3
Shell is sane and quite able to be controlled via the keyboard.  I may
revisit GNOME after 3.4 is released or a few versions down the road.

Still, the lack of a screensaver or even being able to integrate
Xscreensaver and a few other niggles caused me to jump back to XFCE but
it was acting quite strange as well.  I finally just overwrote the
partition with a new net install of Wheezy last week using the XFCE
desktop task and things are quite stable.  The previous installation had
started life as LMDE about a year ago and even though I'd excised the
Mint bits, it was never quite a pure Debian installation for some
reason.  I could go with Xubuntu but I prefer the more vanilla Debian
for development.

Why have I not stuck with TDE?  Probably why I did not stick with
KDE4--GTK app integration and a few other niggles such as two Wicd icons
appearing in the tray on every startup.  Konqueror is old enough to have
problems with some websites.  I like a second browser in addition to
Iceweasel/Firefox.  Perhaps I just feel more comfortable at the near
bleeding edge.  ;-)  My brother uses TDE on one of his desktops although
I think for his use case XFCE is just as simple and lighter on

For now XFCE is serving my needs well.  I'm sticking with Debian.
Neither MS nor Apple need apply!  I keep tabs on this list just to see
what direction the project is taking.

- Nate >>


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