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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Poll >> Troll Fest

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:09:03 -0600
> On Monday 13 February 2012 22:32:15 Jonesy wrote:
>> Re-send.  Sent several hours ago 'from' the wrong email addy...
>> On Sat, 11 Feb 2012, Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> >A hypothetical poll for users here....
>> I was waiting to reply until a few other responses had come through.
>> Sometimes I need to others' comments to take note of: "Hey! That is
>> important to me, too."
>> However, this "Poll" topic has turned into a Troll Fest -- just like so
>> many other posting in "users" and "developers".
> It is not a troll fest in the usual meaning of the words.  This is the
> first
> posting I have seen in this thread that I would regard as a troll.
>> KDE4 should simply be OFF TOPIC -- along with prostate problems,
>> hemorrhoid afflictions, and microsoft business practices, etc., usw.
> Why?  KDE 4 users are our main detractors.  In origin we are all, one way
> or
> another, refugees from KDE 4.  Responses referring to KDE 4 are therefore
> very much "On Topic to Tim's Poll inquiry".
>> I would like to see the developers cranking out code and updates, and
>> NOT cranking out Troll bombs.
> Developers work in their "spare" time.  They are free to use that time any
> way
> they wish.  If they need to relax a bit, good for them.  If you feel that
> more work should be done, you are free to do it.
>> Maybe, once I've calmed down, I'll respond On Topic
>> to Tim's Poll inquiry.
> Responses referring to KDE 4 are therefore very much "On Topic to Tim's
> Poll
> inquiry".
> Lisi

There is a good point made above.  This is supposed to be the development
list, where the direction of TDE is discussed along with the technical
nitty-gritty of how to get there.  I guess if there is a flame war going
on (my apologies for my part in the last one; I lost my temper a bit with
what was being flung around) the best thing to do is to completely ignore
that thread.  I wouldn't expect anyone to read it really, and I don't
think anyone else would either.

Left unchecked I have no idea what kind of damage KDE claims against TDE
could do.  Maybe nothing, maybe something serious.  It is unfortunate that
KDE feels that they have to criticise the TDE internals from time to time,
and that the press picks up on inflammatory comments from the TDE
community, blows them out of context, and prints them so as to keep old
wounds fresh.