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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Open directory on desktop with Konqueror

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:26:22 -0500
On Wed, 15 Feb 2012 16:04:09 +0100
Jean Milot <milot.jean@...> wrote:

> Hi List,
> I have a problem when i create a directory on my desktop i can't open it. I
> must choose konqueror to make it.
> I would like directory open with konqueror for all users.
> I have made some kde-profile. I think i have made some mistakes.
> Someone could help me to solve my problem ?

Have you tried creating desktop entries that call konqueror specifically
on the directory (in other words, setting Properties > Application > 
Command to "konqueror /directory/subdirectory"), rather than setting
up an URL or device entry?  It's inelegant, but it might work.