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Month: February 2012

Preparing updates for 3.5.13

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 17:25:13 +0100

As you may have noticed, I volunteered that I backport important and useful 
patches to 3.5.13. Currently I have collected the following:

* commit 6e5a3b66
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 9cb99cdb
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 1f719050
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 1e2983ad, closes #690
  Fix kdm_greet high CPU usage
  Clean up a few build warnings
* commit 5f413b26, closes #587
  Add keyboard hotplug (add/remove) support to tsak
  Fix warning in kompmgr
* commit 8468d9bd, closes #561
  Replicate LED status from virtual keyboards to physical keyboards
  Fix keyboard attribute cloning
* commits f05f9dc7, 5f8d7307
  kdesktop_lock behavior
* commit 4ea39793, closes #669
  Fix desktop lock process not hiding secondary screens
* commits 05793262, 678bea5b, closes #810
  Clean up lock screen internals
  Allow minimal managed window interaction inside the lock process
* commit 77041d78
  Clean up 9cc1e2c1 changes to enum
  This corrects a potential ABI compat problem noted by Martin Gräßlin
* Fix Documents Folder localization

* commit 0cd3b7ce
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit edc913ee
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit b9111683, closes #569
  Add pcre detection to tdelibs CMake files
* commit e607cfe6
  Fix utf8 encoding for webdav directories
* commit e6b6f2ea
  Fix kiconloader crash when libart is not in use

* commit fd6afacf
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 3516f9bc
  Fix linear alphabet string errors
* Kopete Now Listening plugin repairs
  Fixed checking DCOP replyType (TQString × QString)
  Put message /media as plain text

* commit 80bc593e, closes #635
  Incorrect conversion of encodings in kmail-imap.

* commit 2a54aa5, closes #672
  Fix a number of crashes

* commit 802a4120
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 440010aa
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 51bbe9e5
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

I wanted to apply 1f39650 for qt-x11-free that fixes the 812, but its 
application has resulted in crash almost all programs - see - with this I need help.

In addition to patches for qt-x11-free on my list of issues remains to be many 
problems with Kaffeine, for which I do not have patches and solutions. And 
then also a minor issue with displaying of SVG wallpapers (bugs #744, #615). 
Does anyone have any other useful patches suitable for backport?

Packages with the above patches are in my PPA source ready to test - for 
Squeeze, Oneiric, Natty, Maverick and Lucid. I will be happy if you want to 
test. See