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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Please use version numbers!

From: Andy <andy.boyle@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 14:29:11 -0500
On Saturday 18 February 2012 01:38:00 pm Kristopher John Gamrat wrote:

> >
> > And PLEASE, use version numbers in the future!
> > </quote>
> Looking at the main page at, you see "Debian Lenny" and
> "Debian Squeeze", not "Debian 5.0" and "Debian 6.0". This may be what the
> OP was referring to. The only reason I know the difference is because I
> have been using Debian for just under a year. If I hadn't done my research
> on Debian beforehand, I'd have no inkling of an idea what "Squeeze" and
> "Lenny" referred to. Since I'm not an Ubuntu user, I have not been keeping
> track of their code names, so I could not tell you the difference between
> "Karmic" and "Lucid" except that they are two different versions of Ubuntu,
> but I do not know what those versions are.

It can be very confusing. Ubuntu is a little better in this regard because, I 
believe, the version names have been in alphabetical order. So "Lucid 
L-whatever" is more recent than "Karmic K-whatever-it-was".