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Month: February 2012

issue since 3.5.13 upgrade

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 15:04:58 -0900
I have read, here, some users have various issues with 3.5.13. Here is mine.

I use Librreoffice 3.3.4 for my business, all my docs & templates are full page 
tables, and multiple pages.  One significant issue I have is the cut/copy> paste 
function in tables does not work in a timely fashion. I select data in multiple 
cells that I want to move or copy elswhere in the table/tables and it takes two 
tries to accomplish this. The first try pastes the data into  a single cell, I 
have to repeat the select/cut/copy>paste process.. time consuming on a feature 
that can really save time.

Now how is this a "TDE issue, not sure   but two things stand out to me.
1. This is very pronounced since the upgrade from 3.5.12 > 3.5.13.
2. This sequence works fine in a Virtualbox instance of TDE 3.5.12 same LO ver.

I could just re-install 3.5.12 on my workstation, but before I do I wanted to 
check other  users issues, not 100% confidant the VB is an accurate test 
environment, i.e. everything seems to work fine with the virtual hardware VB 
uses, and it isn't a 100% identical  software stack .