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Month: February 2012

Bug 690 reopen?

From: Jiri Jansky <janskyj@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2012 09:20:34 +0100
I wanned fix bug number 690 and get rid of high cpu usage during kdm 
login screen. So I first tried daily-build and when I get know, that 
it's not stable for daily use i downgrade to Slavek's pathed 3.5.13 
In both case, there shoul be that bug fixed.However, problem seems to 
be still there (on my coputer) and as a bonus I get another one. When 
there is "Press ctrl+alt+delete" window there, I can try keep pressing 
these keys, but windows is still there and I can log in.
Any advise? How to debug that?
Can I reopen this bug?