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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Using Trinity with Squeeze.

From: leee <leee@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 13:52:41 +0000
On Friday 24 February 2012 12:49:54 Lisi wrote:
> I am about to install Trinity on Squeeze (Debian 6.0.4) for a client.  I
> have a complete copy of /home on the old version: Lenny (Debian 5).  The
> end of security support for Lenny precipitated this.
> I am anxious about settings and data, and am hoping that TDE has reached
> the stage where it is truly usable by the non-expert user.  My husband was
> due to be the guinea-pig, poor man, but was using LXDE during the mirror
> problems and opted to stay where he was.
> I installed Squeeze and TDE for myself, but managed to mess up my mail in
> KMail, and retreated (temporarily) back to Lenny and KDE 3.5.10.
> So - any advice?  The KDE configurations will almost certainly be a
> problem. Any advise on how to rename them _before_ I mess everything up.
> I have been Googling.  It wasn't reassuring!  See, e.g.,
> . It was also not much use.
> I am very happy to RTFM if some kind soul would point me to the FM.  I
> can't find it.  And I should be delighted at LMGTFY - my Google-foo, in so
> far as it ever existed, seems to have deserted me!
> Thanks,
> Lisi

From having dug about inside some of the KDE/TDE configuration files you may 
hit one or two problems but I don't think that any of them should be too 
serious or difficult to work out.

Take a backup copy of your .kde3 folder, especially the share folder as this 
is the one that holds most of the user's settings.  Once you've installed 
TDE, but before you try logging into the user, try copying the .kde3/share 
folder into the .trinity folder i.e. ~/.trinity/share, and then try logging 
into the user (presumably you'll be doing this as root so make sure you 
change the owner on the copied folders and files afterwards otherwise the 
user won't be able to read/write to them).

The location of the kmail base folder/directory seems to have changed several 
times in the past; on my systems it used to be called 'Mail' and was simply 
placed in the user's home folder but in later versions of KDE3 and in TDE I 
think it was moved into the .kde3/.trinity folder (where the KDE/TDE settings 
files live).  Once you've logged into the user, but before starting kmail, 
edit the kmail configuration file ~/.trinity/share/config/kmailrc and search 
for the string "[General]" and then within that block of params find the line 
that starts "folders".  I've edited this to pick up my old '~/Mail' folder so 
now it reads: "folders[$e]=$HOME/Mail"  (I don't know where the '[$e]' string 
portion came from - I didn't add it when I originally edited this file - it 
may have occurred when I upgraded to TDE V3.5.13 and then downgraded back to 
TDE V3.5.12).

Personally, I wouldn't install TDE V3.5.13 yet but use TDE V3.5.12 instead.  
Although the TDE instructions seem to imply that V3.5.12 is only for Lenny 
V3.5.12 was the standard TDE release for Squeeze until V3.5.13 was released; 
as I mentioned earlier, I updated to V3.5.13 from V3.5.12 on Squeeze and have 
downgraded back to V3.5.12 again.