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Month: February 2012

undefined symbol - find library

From: Jiri Jansky <janskyj@...>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 22:55:42 +0100
I upgraded to trinity-daily-build and downgraded back to 3.5.13. But I 
probably didn't downgraded some libraries and now I am getting undefined 
symbol messages:

jirka@rommie:~$ kded: symbol lookup error: 
/opt/trinity/lib/trinity/ undefined symbol: 
jirka@rommie:~$ kpowersave
kpowersave: symbol lookup error: 
/opt/trinity/lib/ undefined symbol: 

Do you know, how can i find in which library is this symobl defined and 
try to fix it?


Jiri Jansky