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Month: March 2012

Preparing updates for 3.5.13

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:22:38 +0200

Since the previous report of 18 February was incorporated a number of 
other patches, and I would like to present the current status:

* commit 6e5a3b66
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 9cb99cdb
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* partially closes #727
  revert unwanted renaming Q => TQ
* commit 508cb342, closes #559, #511
  Work around Xine crash when displaying still logo image
  by creating a small movie file to replace it
* closes #858
  fix localization files name
* commits 60ed202f, 701a1249, closes #727
  Rename old tq methods that no longer need a unique name
  Remove additional unneeded tq method conversions
* commit fd68e4c4, closes #899, #729
  Fix nominal "tqt" typos and fix slow DVB start

* commit 1f719050
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 1e2983ad, closes #690
  Fix kdm_greet high CPU usage
  Clean up a few build warnings
* commit 5f413b26, closes #587
  Add keyboard hotplug (add/remove) support to tsak
  Fix warning in kompmgr
* commit 8468d9bd, closes #561
  Replicate LED status from virtual keyboards to physical keyboards
  Fix keyboard attribute cloning
* commits f05f9dc7, 5f8d7307
  kdesktop_lock behavior
* commit 4ea39793, closes #669
  Fix desktop lock process not hiding secondary screens
* commits 05793262, 678bea5b, closes #810
  Clean up lock screen internals
  Allow minimal managed window interaction inside the lock process
* commit 77041d78
  Clean up 9cc1e2c1 changes to enum
  This corrects a potential ABI compat problem noted by Martin Gr��lin
* closes #890
  Fix kdebase translations in desktop files - part 2
* commit 9e3f8a7f (rewrite from KDE 4.6), closes #889
  Fix hostname display in titlebar with certain programs
* commits 39fcb49a, d45b9215, 287ead0a, ae7ec527, 30a10406, closes #675
  Update startkde script
* commit 5486d8e2, closes #690
  Fix high tdm CPU usage when the SAK is enabled or disabled
* commit 6f32bfd9, closes #508
  Fix kickoff crashing and remove additional OpenSUSE branding
* closes #692
  Kate: focus is broken when using the --use parameter
* commit 5df6c5fc, closes #392
  Fix device icon placement
* commit 3ed19b2a, closes #723
  Fix error message when clicking on System icon on sidebar in konqueror
* closes #928
  Fix kdm starts too early
* closes #936
  Remove 025_logitechmouse.rules if logitechmouse.rules is not installed

* commit 0cd3b7ce
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit edc913ee
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit b9111683, closes #569
  Add pcre detection to tdelibs CMake files
* commit e607cfe6
  Fix utf8 encoding for webdav directories
* commit e6b6f2ea
  Fix kiconloader crash when libart is not in use
* commit 9a388848, closes #631
  Fix crash on newline assert in kddebug

* commit fd6afacf
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 3516f9bc
  Fix linear alphabet string errors
* Kopete Now Listening plugin repairs
  Fixed checking DCOP replyType (TQString � QString)
  Put message /media as plain text

* commit 80bc593e, closes #635
  Incorrect conversion of encodings in kmail-imap
* commit 9e6ec3a2, closes #631
  Terminate kdDebug calls with newlines
* revert commit 33e649c9 from kmail, closes #406
  KMail always checks mail after sending

* commit 2a54aa5, closes #672
  Fix a number of crashes

* commit 802a4120
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 440010aa
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

* commit 355c6b69, closes #443
  Change default configuration to use external geoip database when found
  and use internal database only when external database is not found.
* commit 5af9907f, closes #363
  Update ktorrent package to 2.2.8 and fix internal geoip database.

* commit d97e403f, closes #863
  Remove inadvertent renaming

* commit 51bbe9e5
  Fix linear alphabet string errors

In my pad, remains:
#615 KSVG shows only black previews
#744 Some built-in desktop backgrounds don't work
#812 krdc crashes with SIGABRT
#859 Kaffeine does not block screensaver
#922 when logging out with unsaved file, trinity does not ask to save it

To upcoming updates I intend incorporate:
+ commit 43bb5b9, closes
-- #372 Storage media applet doesn't show usb stick at session startup
-- #385 Unmounted removable device icons do not appear on the desktop

Does anyone have any other useful patches suitable for backport? The 
second question is when to say "stop" and ask Tim to pull packages to 
official apt sources?

I remind the address of PPA: