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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Thoughts & wishes about the Trinity project status and its future...

From: Nicolas BERCHER <nbercher@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 09:27:24 +0100
On 13/01/2011 20:48, Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a few questions about the Trinity project status,(part of them
> seem to have been partially discussed on the list):
>>    - Is Trinity endorsed in any way by the KDE project (except the share
>> of sources repository)?
> Not that I know of.
>>    - Are there original KDE3 developpers involved in Trinity development?
>> If so, I'd really like to know if they do it because KDE4 broke too much
> things (and/or they consider a desktop environment should not break
> things this way)?
> Only incidentally, in that I pull updates from the kdepim Enterprise
> branch, which is still maintained by an original KDE3
> developer/development team.
>>    - What are the long term perspectives about Trinity?
>>      Will Trinity become something different than KDE3 or it keep it as
>> close as possible?
> As close as possible in terms of look and feel, but new features will
> still be added where they would improve the functionality of the desktop
> environment (e.g. krandrtray).  Users can always disable new features from
> the control panel, as providing that option is a requirement for patch
> submission.
>>      I mean, the move from KDE3 to KDE4 changed&  broke a lots of things
>> that I used to work with since 2004. I'd really like a desktop
>> environment that doesn't change too much, that keeps its basis stable
> (eg. themes can evolve, apps be improved, but keep it functionally the
> same!).
>> By the end, I really think it's a matter of "respect for users": if one
> changes things like KDE4 did, what do we have to think about respect
> they have (or don't have) for their users? OK KDE4 is beautiful, etc.
> but it's deaply another desktop environment (also deeply slow in some
> particular configurations such as konsole/nvidia ships), so why should I
> continue to use KDE desktops? I almost think KDE4 should have change its
> name to something else OR... KDE3 should have been officially
>> maintained... or Trinity officially endorsed (is that the case?)!
> KDE won't change its name, but KDE3 has changed its name to Trinity.  So,
> KDE3 == Trinity, KDE == KDE4, but KDE3 != KDE4.
>> So, what's going on?
>> Thank you,
>> Nicolas
>> PS: Do you have an idea about the approximate number of Trinity users?
> It seems this list is always growing...
> Not sure!  I know we had 3000+ downloads of the Maverick Desktop LiveCD
> from one mirror alone last month, but the actual user number may be much
> higher.
> Hope this helps!
> Tim
Thank you, I'm always happy to read answers!

I forget to ask: On the Debian side, is Trinity planned to be maintained 
officially by Debian developpers? (event if the packages will stay in 
testing/sid repos)
This could be nice, maybe we (Debian users) should ask for it via the 
official Debian procedure.