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Month: June 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Flash 11 + Firefox 13 = badness

From: Andrew Young <mail@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 19:33:23 +0100
On 08/06/12 15:57, Peter Laws wrote:
> As in, the browser freezes as soon as it sees Flash content.
> All was well until I updated the other morning. Versions are currently
> Firefox 13.0 and Flash all on Ubuntu natty with Trinity
> 3.5.13.
> Ideas for workarounds? Flash seems to work OK in Chrome, but I really
> prefer Firefox.

I'm using Ubuntu 64 11.10 and Slavek's PPA, with Firefox 13, Opera 12 
and Flash version 11,2,202,236.

Flash things work fine with Firefox and Opera. I don't know what extras 
or addons I have for Firefox/Opera.

Maybe its something to do with the system hardware and drivers? There is 
an AMD graphics card with the standard Ubuntu drivers, and a Pentium 4 
running in 64 bit mode.