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Month: June 2012

what ver of (k)ubuntu is most suitable for tde

From: Lou Gogan <lou@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 20:01:42 +0100

Believe it or not I've only come across a reference to trinity in the last week or so when checking out porteus usb-stick linux. 
It really cheered me up that kde3 (as tde) is still not only alive but seemingly very healthy!

At present I am still using kubuntu 8.04 for obvious reasons but would be delighted to install a more up-to-date os and tde 
on another partition on my hard drive.

I have already downloaded kubuntu 12.04 (always in the hope, in vain, that it had somehow become more kde3 than kde4!) 
but I don't see any mention of (k)ubuntu 12.04 in the installation instruction page, so I presume I should use a release from 
last year. Also I notice that ubuntu 11.10 is mentioned rather than kubuntu 11.10. Is it recommended that I use ubuntu 11.10 
rather than kubuntu 11.10 in case of conflicts? Or does it matter at all? I also have an iso of xubuntu 11.10 - would that be 

Any advice would be welcomed.