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Month: January 2011

[trinity-users] Squeeze/Trinity Live CD

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 22:24:56 +0000
I have spent some time developing a Squeeze live-cd with Trinity. Why? 
Because there is nothing out there in the mainstream that I like and I 
have seen no Squeeze/Trinity live-cd elsewhere yet. It is named Exe 
Linux as I live beside the Exe Estuary in Devon, England.

It might be a good starting point or demonstration for anyone who is 
interested but is unsure of running Trinity on Squeeze.

The result has (to the best of my knowledge) strictly GPL software. Some 
custom themes, configurations and scripts are included but are 
debianized, i.e. they can be removed/replaced by apt (for example extra 
live-config scripts to support Trinity autologin and locale/language) 
and should not conflict with Squeeze core system components

The live cd has an optional integrated installer (hacked remastersys) 
for HD and a custom CLI script for USB persistent pendrive.

It is built "from scratch" using custom scripts, debbootstrap and GNU 
tools (not live-helper nor remastersys) and is not a "remaster" of 
anything else. The build scripts are included in the live-cd but are 
experimental and, misused, could trash a running system. If you want to 
try a remaster better use remastersys (and please don't request support 
from remastersys forums because a hacked version is used).

Three locales/languages are built-in (US, GB and ES) No more fit the CD 
without removing one.

If there is any interest I would like to make this available to Trinity 
users, perhaps later in the "community downloads" section.

In the meantime the current ISO (685MB) is available here (can paste 
this in a terminal):
wget -c 

wget -c 

Disclaimer: This is *not* an official Trinity project. There are 
probably some bugs. There is some scrappy and probably out-of-date 
documentation. Use at your own risk.