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Month: June 2012

is there a version of trinity that acually works

From: Lou Gogan <lou@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 22:18:03 +0100
Hi folks

I was delighted when I heard about trinity as I still use kubuntu 8.04 and will 
never, until death or even beyond, use kde4 or any other developer ego-driven 
user-unfriendly DE.

I followed the instructions on the installation page:
ubuntu section, and after  installing ubuntu 11.10 on a spare partition, I 
entered the commands as instructed.

Firstly, there was the known problem with the sudo command which the developers 
have decided to keep a secret and not edit the installation instructions to add 
3 lines of text to help the user. But I was pointed to the bug page and 
followed the instructions there.

I was able to download and start trinity (v3.5.13) and as soon as I clicked on 
the main menu button the system crashed and the whole panel disappeared leaving 
a totally blank desktop.

Here is here I get really confused.

I did have a look at the known bugs and this seems to be a know 'solved'? bug - 
I think. What is the point in having incorrect instructions to download and 
install a desktop which doesn't work?

If someone said it was a joke created by the kde4 team it would make some sense, 
they would be getting a laugh at someone who was looking for a real desktop 
which had the end user in mind, but if this is a genuine 'alternative' then I 
am at a loss as to why there is any talk of trinity desktop at all.

I do understand that the developers are busy working on R14 - the NEXT GREATEST 
THING - with the WOW factor!!!! (you remember the WOW factor?) but what is the 
point if the previous version doesn't work?  8:(

This seems to be exactly the same attitude towards the end user as the other DE 
developers, or am I wrong?  8^}

Is there a different installation page with instructions of how to obtain a 
working version of trinity? Is there a working version?

Please tell me that I am wrong about everything and there is a simple 
explanation for all this. AND there is a working version! - hidden somewhere! 
Or are you the kde4 team having a laugh? !!