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Month: August 2012

TDE 3.5.13 test build for Mandriva 2011.0

From: Francois Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2012 19:34:24 +0200
after the Mageia 2 build, here are the Mandriva 2011.0 packages for TDE 
3.5.13 (I've built up to tdebase for now).
Note: you should remove any previous packages from other repositories, 
in case you already had (I've already seen some attempts to build TDE on 
Mandriva 2011 in the mailing list).

For x86_64:
urpmi.addmedia trinity-3.5.13-x86_64
urpmi.addmedia trinity-3.5.13-noarch
urpmi.addmedia trinity-extras-x86_64

For i686:
urpmi.addmedia trinity-3.5.13-i686
urpmi.addmedia trinity-3.5.13-noarch
urpmi.addmedia trinity-extras-i686

Then, install Trinity's base package:
urpmi trinity-tdebase

Then you can login through KDM/GDM or anything else, choose the "TDE" 
What else could I say ... it works, that's all ! The first login is a 
bit long, nothing to worry about.

As expected, there is very few work to make the Mageia packages build on 
Mandriva 2011, so all the remaining TDE packages will be ready very soon.

Mandriva users, please try this build and report any issue.