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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-users] openSuSE & TDE

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 11:23:43 -0400
On 13 August 2012 10:56, Julius Schwartzenberg
<julius.schwartzenberg@...> wrote:
> Thierry de Coulon wrote:
>> Seems the Attachmate ownership rather brings good things...  Now,
>> considering that TDE is now a "better" KDE 3.x, will we be seing TDE
>> in the openSuSE reprositories?
> The opinions on whether TDE is better than the KDE3 which is currently
> in OpenSUSE are divided. Of course this is the Trinity mailing list, so
> many people here would really like to see Trinity appear in the SUSE
> repository.
> The significant difference between TDE and KDE3 is now that KDE3 will
> have conflicts when trying to use features of Qt4 with it and TDE has
> solved this. This is a significant amount of work, but it could have
> caused some things to break. The final result should be tighter
> integration with Qt4 however, but this is WIP.
> At the same time, the KDE3 version on SUSE has many SUSE specific
> patches which for now are not working with Trinity. A lot of the non-TQt
> patches are shared between both TDE and the KDE3 in SUSE, so in this
> regard, they should be similar for now.
> In the future there will likely be both a KDE3 and TDE repository for
> SUSE. As TDE matures and its ability to work with Qt4 features will
> improve usability, it may become better for most people than KDE3.
> Julius
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Another popular criticism of KDE3.5 for OpenSUSE is the lack of any
project infrastructure. Here at Trinity we are developing for the
future and the present. We have mailing lists, a bug tracker, a IRC
channel, a wiki, an etherpad, a website, a repository for our code...
the list goes on. At trinity we are not just maintaining KDE3.5, but
also improving and developing the platform to work with modern
GNU/Linux distributions while avoiding distro specific hacks and