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Month: August 2012

Mandriva RPMs

From: Tim Williams <tmw@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 22:29:45 +0100
On 02/08/2012 19:34, Francois Andriot >wrote:

 > Hello,
 > after the Mageia 2 build, here are the Mandriva 2011.0 packages for 
TDE 3.5.13 (I've built up to tdebase for now).
 > Note: you should remove any previous packages from other 
repositories, in case you already had (I've already seen some attempts 
to build TDE on Mandriva 2011 in the mailing list).

That was probably me, my packages are still available if anybody wants them. The core stuff in my packages works OK, but I had a lot of trouble with the extras failing for various reasons and I've not had enough time to look at this for several months. 

However, I've now had a quick look at Francois's packages, which are are definite improvement on my own efforts. I have had the following problems though (using the X86_64 build) :

1 - I have had a lot of trouble getting the TDE option to appear on the login managers session menu. As far as I can tell this is because the /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/45TDE.desktop file isn't being reliably generated/installed. Do the files in /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/  get generated after installation nothing in this folder appears to exist in any of the RPM packages? I ended up writing my own 45TDE.desktop file to fix this so that I could log in.

2 - Konsole doesn't get added to the menu after installation.

3 - Most of the applets on the panel failed to load when logging in as a user an existing .trinity directory (a clean user was OK). This was easily solved by manually adding them again though.

4 - A number of the menus on the K menu were empty after the upgrade, when looking at them in kmenuedit, these menus had been given a "KDE3" submenu, which was also empty. Deleting this KDE submenu and saving would then cause the original menu entries to magically re-appear. Odd...

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