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Month: August 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Mandriva RPMs

From: Francois Andriot <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2012 09:52:14 +0200
Le 17/08/2012 23:29, Tim Williams a écrit :
> On 02/08/2012 19:34, Francois Andriot>wrote:
>   >  Hello,
>   >  after the Mageia 2 build, here are the Mandriva 2011.0 packages for
> TDE 3.5.13 (I've built up to tdebase for now).
>   >  Note: you should remove any previous packages from other
> repositories, in case you already had (I've already seen some attempts
> to build TDE on Mandriva 2011 in the mailing list).
> That was probably me, my packages are still available if anybody wants them. The core stuff in my packages works OK, but I had a lot of trouble with the extras failing for various reasons and I've not had enough time to look at this for several months.
> However, I've now had a quick look at Francois's packages, which are are definite improvement on my own efforts. I have had the following problems though (using the X86_64 build) :
> 1 - I have had a lot of trouble getting the TDE option to appear on the login managers session menu. As far as I can tell this is because the /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/45TDE.desktop file isn't being reliably generated/installed. Do the files in /etc/X11/dm/Sessions/  get generated after installation nothing in this folder appears to exist in any of the RPM packages? I ended up writing my own 45TDE.desktop file to fix this so that I could log in.
> 2 - Konsole doesn't get added to the menu after installation.
> 3 - Most of the applets on the panel failed to load when logging in as a user an existing .trinity directory (a clean user was OK). This was easily solved by manually adding them again though.
> 4 - A number of the menus on the K menu were empty after the upgrade, when looking at them in kmenuedit, these menus had been given a "KDE3" submenu, which was also empty. Deleting this KDE submenu and saving would then cause the original menu entries to magically re-appear. Odd...
> Tim W

Hello, about the session stuff, it is handled by a specific script in 
It seems to work on my test virtual machines.

About the menu entries, I think this is due to having an existing 
.trinity directory.
Maybe a clean new user would have less problem. At least, on my quick 
testing, I did not notice menu problem on a new user.