Hi all,

This is largely a heads up, as everything is half-working, and I think I see the solution on the DOWN UNTIL 7PM canonical forums.  No mouse, have emacs but emacs is currently NOT pasting to the system clipboard; email isn't setup in emacs under this user, and I won't be taking the time to fix just now.  So, no cut & paste.  Sorry (and ARRRGHHH!)

I'm usually phawkins@connact.com, but temporarily subscribed via gmail.

I updated Aug 15 and 17; the logout suspend option, which hadn't been in my logout menu since the last major upgrade, appeared as of 8/15; I've been using suspend since then; suspended last night,  May not be relevant, did not see any suspend-type errors. 

I couldn't log in this morning as my usual ecryptfs-home self; just got a gray screen; rebooted multiple times, finally got a trinity login screen; got .Iceauthority errors, couldn't log in as usual usr (pjh) even under xfce; logged in as an unecrypted user; it's all working as it should except my touchpad is not working (Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop) and I seem to have never copied over my usual emacs setup stuff (argh.)

Mouse: looking at the error files, could just be that I haven't logged into this user since before I was on Trinity (was kde3) and something didn't translate correctly.  Or could be related to the other issue, see below. 

Ecryptfs: Was able to sudo -u pjh but couldn't mount usual  /home/pjh via ecryptfs-recover-private or ecryptfs-mount-private;

googling on the error ("open: No such file or directory") implicates /dev/shm (or /run/shm) and upgrade issues with that;
Google shows me CONSIDERABLE discussion on the temporarily inaccessible ubuntu forums; one or two tweaks for other systems (adding mount for /dev/shm or /run/shm to fstab) don't work.

I'm going to go off and practice my fiddle for this afternoon's morris gig at the Providence, RI Waterfire.  See Red Herring Morris on the web.

Thanks all!

Am on Ubuntu 11.10 using the generic ppa.quickbuild.pearsoncomputing.net/trinity sources in sources.iist, plus trinity-builddeps; have all the usual ubuntu sources plus us.archive.ubuntu.com; am not currently using slavek-banko sources, maybe I should.

Good grief, couldn't get to the Gmail send button using tab key in firefox, had to save a draft & send from my phone. Enough!