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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Installing Trinity on Squeeze: problem with recommends

From: Old Laptop <oldlaptop654@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 08:28:12 -0400
Lisi wrote:
> Hello all :-)
> I am doing a fresh install of Trinity, on a fresh install of Debian Squeeze,
> which so far has no GUI installed.
> After I issue:
> aptitude install desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> I get a list of 165 recommends and the question: do you accept this solution?
> Well, I think that there are 165, but the first that I can currently see is
> number 147.  Having dismally failed to find a way to see what I am being
> asked to agree to, I decided to accept all recommends, which might at least
> reduce the number of things on the screen and let me see what else, if
> anything, aptitude is telling me.  (Oh, I do miss konsole!)
> So I did:
> aptitude -r install desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> That made no difference at all.  Still a problem, still 165 recommends (as far
> as I can see), still:  do you accept this solution?  And I still don't know
> what "solution" it is recommending.  It might be suggesting _removing_ 165
> packages.
> So, in case I had gone bonkers and got the order wrong I tried:
> aptitude install -r desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> Same result.  :-(
> I am fresh out of ideas.  I have had enough physical problems building this
> computer, without software problems as well. :-(
> Help!  (And thank you, of course)
> Lisi
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It may be helpful to use the dependency resolver in aptitude's curses 
interface. It's much easier to look through all solutions and see what's 
being done to which packages when you can freely scroll, fold sections 
away, page back and forth through solutions, etc.