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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Major problems installing Trinity 3.5.13 with Slavek's repository on Fresh install of Squeeze

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 19:08:13 +0200
On Sunday 16 of September 2012 17:38:19 Lisi wrote:
> I have frequently installed Trinity before, 3.5.11, 3.5.12,  3.5.13, 
> with Slavek's repositories.  I have never had a problem before.
> I am getting desperate.  I am running 3.5.10 on Lenny on my working m/c 
at the 
> moment, and the system is sickly.  I *need* a working box.  And I *need* 
> KMail in order to have continued access to my emails.
> I have been trying for hours over several days to install on a newbuild.  
> have posted before about the problems I had initially.  When I installed 
> desktop-base-trinity separately it went on without a hitch.  I can find 
> way of installing kde-trinity.
> Having tried for hours to install kde-trinity from where I had got to, I 
> in and installed LXDE.  I immediately gained a functioning LXDE.  I have 
> installed from inside LXDE frequently in the past.  I have installed 
> Slavek's repositories already enabled in the past.
> Having got my functioning LXDE, I again tried to install kde-trinity.  
> no success.  Exactly the same result as before.
> I installed some of the missing packages manually, but most of them 
refused to 
> install.
> I have just tried again, and this time I got a shorter, and therefore 
> list of problems, but most of the unresolved dependencies were virtual 
> packages and refused to install.
> The only thing that I can think of to try now is to do a default install 
> Squeeze, get Gnome 3 (yuk!) and try to install from there.  Any better 
> All suggestions welcomed.
> Lisi

Hi Lisi,

from last weekend, I gradually upgrading all packages. It is possible that 
you could run into inconsistent state of apt source? A little while ago I 
updated sudo-trinity so that they will not conflict with sudo from the 
system. This should also help to smoother installation.