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Month: January 2011

Reversal of shortcuts?

From: Luciano ES <luc-kub35@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 17:05:14 -0200
So, I upgraded my old Ubuntu box to Maverick recently, with Trinity, of course. God bless.

But not without a few incidents. Some of the old settings were lost, especially in Kmail. And I noticed an annoying change in the shortcuts. I have many mailboxes: private, work, another work, Gmail etc. When I created them, I was required to name each one of them. So I put numbers in the names:

1 - Work
2 - Private
3 - Another work
4 - Gmail

Opening the File menu in Kmail, the item "Check Mail In >" had the letter C underlined, so I developed the habit of pressing Alt+f, c to open the "Check Mail In >" submenu with all my mail accounts. Then I would press the number of the account I wanted to check: Alt+f, c, 1 for "1 - Work". Fine. Could be better, but anyway...

That is a lot worse now. The new Kmail still has "Check Mail In >" but now it underlines the letter I. Which is bad, because "Import Messages..." also has the letter I underlined. So, instead of pressing Alt+f, c, now I am supposed to press Alt+f, i, and because the letter i matches two items in that menu, that mail account submenu does not open automatically anymore. Pressing i over and over swaps the selection from "Import Messages..." to "Check Mail In >" then back to "Import Messages..." ad infinitum. None will be selected automatically, I have to press Enter. So my procedure now is: Alt+f, i, i, Enter. Annoying.

Even worse, now pressing the account number (first character of the account name) doesn't work anymore. In other words, pressing Alt+f, i, i, Enter, 1 does not check the "1 - Work" account. I have to go another Enter... Summing up: from <Alt+f, c, 1> I had to go to <Alt+f, i, i, Enter, Enter> and that's just for the first item of the submenu. For the 5th item, it's <Alt+f, i, i, Enter, down, down, down, down, Enter>. Grrrrr...

Can we go back to the old arrangement? Please? Is it the proper place for that discussion or should I take it to the official KDE team? I suppose they only care about KDE 4 now, and they probably *prefer* the current, more cumbersome arrangement. I mean, just look at the horrible things they did to Gwenview, or Dolphin... :-\

Luciano ES