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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Installing Trinity on Squeeze: problem with recommends

From: Lisi <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 14:47:27 +0100
Hi, David :-)

Thanks for this.

On Monday 17 September 2012 10:52:39 David Hare wrote:
> Lisi, your original post was you were unsure about the "recommends" of
> packages to be installed, we already said you probably do want them. If
> no network, how can apt have processed that much?
> You will see from <apt-get update> whether you got network! If not,
> that's a non-starter.
> If the problem is actually necessary`packages (dependencies) which
> cannot or will not be installed for some reason, that's a different
> matter (of course, any "recommends" will also have dependencies which
> must be satisfied) That can and does happen if a repo is in a state of
> change or connection temporarily down. Then the apt system will delay
> installation till the error is resolved, that's intended behaviour.

I think taht this is almost certainly teh explanation.

> I would not use Slavek's repo just now for a new install because I know
> it's updated often and sometimes is very slow. I install from official
> 3.5.13, currently quite static, then upgrade later. Maybe you were
> unlucky and hit it (axis) at the wrong time. I have seen failed TDE
> installs occasionally when the official 3.5.13 mirrors were not behaving
> but they seem fine at the moment.
> When installing multiple packages (TDE) I always use <apt-get install -d
> package> that is, first download the packagees only. If all is well then
> go ahead and install. You will see in the terminal any download errors,
> if so stop, try again later the same way.

Thanks for this.  You have answered a question atht I had never researched, 
just wondered idoy how ot do it.  I now know!

> There are various cli method to resolve apt conflicts but if you don't
> know them, this might just be easiest:
> apt-get update
> apt-get purge desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> apt-get install -d desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> apt-get install desktop-base-trinity kde-trinity
> Most of it will be in you cache already so should be quite fast. If you
> prefer aptitude, use it's equivalent commands.

I'm not, I think, going to gp far enough back without cleaning out the cache.  
I'll comment out Slávek's repositories ofr now, and purge and start again.  
Or I might just do a clean install to wipe out any mess I have created!

> Re Exegnu Linux: It is deliberately stripped down to fit a CD and is not
> intended as a recommended alternative to official install instructions
> (it does work well and has an installer... but is not officially
> supported and may have it's own bugs) You can always add/remove packages
> later. In live-cd mode, it will verify your network connection and other
> hardware compatability.

Yes, I have as I said I was doing, downloaded it.  I have also put it, 
unsuccessfully, onto a USB-key.  It won't boot.  That was as far as I got, 
before I had to go out.  So I have not used it yet.

Thanks for spending so much time giving me so helpful a reply. :-)