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Month: September 2012

Klauncher could not be reached via DCOP. I *need* Klauncher :-(

From: Lisi <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:20:19 +0100
I had an apparently working system, so I decided to take a deep breath, cross 
my fingers and install Slávek's patches.  All appeared to go swimmingly.  But 
now if I try to launch almost anything via Klauncher I get the message above.

Application names preceded by kdesu appear to launch without a problem.

Klauncher was working well before I installed the patches.  Yes, daft, I know, 
not to leave well alone, when I had an operational system.  But I fancied 
having the patches.

I work almost entirely via Klauncher.  The fact that they have messed around 
with Klauncher is one of the many things I dislike about KDE4.  Is there an 
easy solution?  Or shall I just reinstall and stop at 3.5.13 without 
patches? :-( 

I am NOT giving up.  I have been pig-headed since I was a baby.  It is bit 
late to change now.