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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] KMail in TrinityDE 3.5.12, restoring from KDE 3.5.10

From: leee <leee@...>
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 19:53:27 +0100
On Tuesday 25 September 2012 17:07:58 Lisi wrote:
> On Monday 24 September 2012 00:24:38 Slávek Banko wrote:
> > On Monday 24 of September 2012 01:03:29 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > > I am restoring my KMail details from Lenny with KDE 3.5.10 to Squeeze
> > > with TDE 3.5.13, patched with Slávek's patches.
> >
> > in the configuration files from KDE 3.5.10 may be used .kde/share
> > and /usr/share. It is necessary to change these settings to
> > .trinity/share and /opt/trinity/share.
> >
> > Note: The identities for KMail are in
> > .trinity/share/config/emailidentities.
> Thanks, Slávek.  I have followed this advice, and things are now better. 
> TDE will open properly, and so at last will KMail.  But I have still not
> got my folders and data.
> Last time I tried to run Trinity on Squeeze on my desktop, I gave up and
> went back to Lenny and KDE 3.5.10 precisely because of this problem.  I
> can't afford to lose the whole bang shoot.  Identities I can re-enter,
> connection details I can re-enter.  The folder structure and emails are
> important to me.
> Sadly, retreat back to Lenny is no longer realistically an option.
> I have for now retreated back to my old computer.  I am doing an online
> course and being cut off from emails for days is not really an option.
> So any data I have managed to transfer across will have to be
> retransferred.
> Have I got to the end of the line?
> Lisi

Istr that the default location for the 'root' kmail folder has changed in TDE; 
in KDE it was ~/Mail but iirc it has been moved to somewhere in the 
~/.trinity folder.  I had to edit ~/.trinity/share/config/kmailrc to set it 
back to ~/Mail (as this was an NFS mount on my server and I didn't want to 
have to change it).

Have a look in the kmailrc file - search for the string "[General]" and then 
check to see where 'folders[$e]' is pointing.