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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] A general question about Trinity

From: "Janek S." <fremenzone@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 19:42:25 +0200
> Hello,
> I did not try KDE3 on  OpenSuse, but I guess that automounting/unmouting
> should work out ot the box, since it's using HAL. If not, I think it's a
> bug for KDE3.
I also think it's KDE3 bug. Well, automounting works, but when I try to unmount the drive in 
media:/ I get error claiming that I have no permissions to do so.

> About network management, I don't think we have anything usable yet in TDE.
> On my side, I'm using gnome's nm-applet for this purpose.
I also use nm-applet. The problem is that when I ran it under KDE3 it seemed crippled, as it was 
unable to record new connections (both user and system wide connections) and send any commands to 
NetworkManager. Coping configuration files from old installation to appropriate dir in /etc made 
these conectios available, but still this was not what I expected :/ Anyway, if nm-applet works 
in TDE and allows to add and control connections without any problem then I'm happy.

> If you can wait some more days, we are about to release TDE, an
> updated 3.5.13 version, which will be available for OpenSuse 12.2 and
> Ubuntu Precise, among others.
Promise? If so, then I can wait, though I was desperate to get my system up and running till the 
end of week. I am still considering Debian, though I'm a bit reluctant to go with Squeeze since 
it will soon become oldstable.

> So you can try it and post feedback.
Oh believe me, you will hear me complaining.... :)

BTW. What are these problems in LTS 12.04 that you mentioned Tim? I have some friends using this 
Ubuntu and i didn't hear any complaints from them.